The Brizaga difference is ingrained in our three-step process to put homeowners, businesses, and local governments on the path towards resilience and guide them to their ultimate goal.

Through our experiences, we’ve seen firsthand that effective communication is the foundation to driving widespread positive change, especially when it relates to complicated topics such as sea level rise. That is why it is at the center of our process. Not only does our staff specialize in sea level rise communication, but we also have world-class partners in science communication and public outreach ready to help break down the complexities of sea level rise to provide a clear and concise message.


Our process is solutions-oriented. Adaptation is the end game, and we are here to make sure you get there. We are your partners throughout the adaptation journey.

Assess. The first step is to identify vulnerabilities and risks, and assist with prioritizing possible responses. This sets the stage for taking action.

Communicate. At the core of our process, we effectively communicate identified risks, areas where action is needed, timelines, and adaptation options with easy-to-understand materials.

Adapt. We partner with our clients through their adaptation journeys and connect them with the resources they need to ensure a resilient future.

The Brizaga difference is not just in our process, but also in our founding. Two friends of nearly two decades were unexpectedly brought back together in their hometown with a burning desire to create solutions to one of our community’s greatest challenges – sea level rise.

Our company name is a mixture of the names of our nieces and nephews. With each passing generation, the realities of sea level rise will become clearer, and the decisions we make today will greatly shape those realities for the next generation.

We define Brizaga as the overwhelming feeling of pride and accomplishment when individuals, business, and local governments work together to create a more resilient community. Our greatest ambition is to have every community understand Brizaga, and one of the first steps is asking, “Are you Sea Level Rise Ready™?”